Project 104

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Project 104 is a brand I discovered during a press day at Utter Couture.
As soon as I walked into the room, it was the first collection I noticed.
I was immediately captivated by the kitsch designs and felt the nostalgic nod to my childhood. A throwback to those girlie swimming costumes I used to pine for; A cross between an oufit fit for Barbie and Baz Luhrmanns 1996 hit movie Romeo and Juliet.

My intrigue increased when I found out that the whole collection is limited edition.
The name 'Project 104' comes from the fact that the company produce only 104 pieces of each item. So you feel like you are wearing a piece of collectable art.

The fusion of art and fashion is evident throughout all the collections. I decided to produce my own piece of art work based on one of my favourite pieces called 'Loverpool' from the Paradise Found collection.

Here is Project 104's own description of the Loverpool swim suit;
Based on tacky tourist T-shirts from fictitious destinations
Project 104's Paradise Found collection is proud to invite you to:


Travel package seven night stay at gangstas habit dice resort

Visit to the Baby Butterfly Sanctury
Waterfall rafting through Loverpool rainforest
Rejuvenation at the Lemonade Lakes

Below is the new Collection My Body, My Shrine. 


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Models, Rachiannah & Gwyneth
Photography, BisaNation

Hey Lovelies!

So my sisters Rachiannah and Gwyneth have started a Hair company called PoP HA!R Culture. 
As the new Creative director, my role is to create the visual branding and this image is one of many photos I took for them on our shoot a few days ago. 

The whole theme is vibrant and captures their personalities so well, I'm really happy with it!
I will post more images when they are done but I couldn't resist giving you guys a little sneak peek!

DIY Shoe #2 Spikes

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Following on from my previous post, here are another pair of shoes I embellished. I bought these shoes from Nine West quite a few years ago. I really liked the heel but I wasn't so keen on the front and had been meaning to do something different to them. So I decided to add spikes to add extra detail.

 I marked where I would place the studs using a blue eye pencil. And then used a belt hole puncher to create all of the holes for the spikes to go through.

It was quite consuming but definitely worth it, as I'm really happy with the results.

DIY Shoes!

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(Still from upcoming video)

I just love unusual shoes. If I have a pair that I find a little on the plain side, sometimes I will customize them to make them a little different.
I bought these shoes on eBay and they're very simple and nice but I wanted to vamp them up a bit to go with an outfit I was wearing for my birthday celebration a while back. I may repurchase these and keep that pair plain because the style is so classic.

I added some extra dazzle by stitching some old accessories to the heel.

The ankle boots below are the first pair of footwear I ever customised.

For more ideas, here's a video I shot a few years ago on how to transform your shoes...

Casual Outfit of the Day

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A really simple outfit I wore yesterday.
Wearing jeans and a (heavily shoulder padded) leather jacket made me feel so 80's! I loved it

Leather Jacket, Charity Shop
Jeans, Beyond Retro
Belt, eBay
Shoes, Nine West
Necklace, Charity Shop

Mystery Woman

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Drawing is one of the many things I enjoy doing. I find it very therapeutic and anything I can do whilst watching a movie is always a plus for me!
It's a skill I used to practice on a daily basis as a child. However, after my degree in animation (some many years ago), I had been put off of the very idea of drawing. My passion for it has only been revived in the last year or so. 

During my time away from art, I think I started to feel a bit unsure about my skills. Almost as if I may have forgotten how... Whatever your natural ability levels are, drawing/ art is a skill which requires practice and for me I feel like there is so much more to learn.

My favourite medium is pencil on paper and then rendering in photoshop. This is so ironic because I was hopeless with computers during my whole degree and specialised in 2D animation because I found the whole computer/ cgi thing so dull and laborious. (I later discovered 2D animation is just as boring!) Especially back then when it was mainly drawing frames on paper or cells! -Omg how did I survive?!

I'm really happy to be drawing again and I know it's only a matter of time before I'm animating again! I just need to figure all the new tech which will hopefully make it easier than it was during my degree!

New Beginnings

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I had such a great time at London fashion week but it wasn't just a one off experience for me. It really helped me to put everything in perspective and as a direct result I've decided to focus on fashion (and music) on my YouTube channel. This is a move which I feel will allow me to express myself creatively... To be bold and fearless in the pursuit of my dreams.

I've been a "beauty guru" for about four years now, but over the last two years I just found myself slowly losing enthusiasm; Especially when it came to beauty and make up tutorials... 
My heart lies in fashion and the mere thought of dedicating my time to doing that makes me so happy!

I recently dyed my hair bright red and I know it sounds cliche but it really did represent a new beginning for me!

The short video below, gives a little more detail about what my channel will entail. I'm really excited and I hope it appeals to you guys too.
Thank you to those so far who have shown me so much love and support in this new direction.

Be Bold!xx

London Fashion Week, Day 4

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I was ill on day 3, so I couldn't attend any shows that day. 
I was back on form by day 4 however, wearing a DIY ensemble.

This outfit was based around my favourite theme of black and gold. Both the dress and faux fur were made by me. The choker was made from a broken bracelet I "found" in my sisters room, the chain attached from my neck to wrist were used from an old bag strap.

(Below is an extremely blurry pic taken with my camera on an incorrect setting lol, but I like the feel of it!)

In case you can't quite make out what I'm wearing; It's a more embellished version of the outfit worn in my previous post, for one of my FashionFIX videos.

I absolutely love accessories so this outfit was one of my favorites!
Let me know what you think? Too much? NAHHHH!

Dress, DIY
Faux Fur, DIY
Boots, Jeffrey Campbell Gold Lita Spikes
Bracelets, Primark
Choker, DIY from old bracelet
Neck to Wrist Chain, DIY from bag strap